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1028 – Project Manager (Expert) – Vancouver

1027 – Sr. Citrix Analyst – Vancouver

1026 – Sr. Data Network Analyst – Vancouver

1025 – Sr. Virtualization Analyst – Vancouver

1024 – Int. Infrastructure Operations Analyst (NetOps) – Vancouver

1023 – Int. Infrastructure Operations Analyst (ServerOps) – Vancouver

1022 – Sr. IT Operations Shift Manager – Vancouver

1021 – Integration Architect – Vancouver

1020 – Sr. Clinical Implementation Manager – Vancouver

1019 – Clinical Consultant – Vancouver

1018 – Sr. Project Manager – Vancouver

1017 – Sr. Business Analyst – Vancouver

1016 – Sr. Project Manager – Vancouver

1015 – Project Manager – Vancouver

1014 – Sr. Project Manager – Vancouver

1013 – Sr. Software Developer – Vancouver

1012 – Sr. Business Analyst – Vancouver

1011 – Wireless Network Analyst – Vancouver

Why Altitude Recruiting

Altitude Recruiting’s mission is to provide our clients with great IT employees that can adapt and flourish in a fast pace business world.

Altitude Recruiting is based in Vancouver BC, Canada and provides IT recruitment services across Canada. We provide an interactive, respectful environment to coach, mentor, and help job candidates propel their career further, while saving employers time and money on their IT recruitments by “finding the right candidate”. Our staff is passionate and dynamic and has a combined 30 plus years of experience in IT and recruitment fields in both the public and private sectors. If your looking for the best in IT recruiters, then Altitude IT Recruiting is the IT Recruitment agency for your IT job search.

For the best IT staff, Altitude Recruiting is the IT Employment agency for you.